Through the Skills Programme, IYF has supported Elangeni TVET college students to access Work-Integrated Learning (WIL). Together with our industry association partner – NAACAM (the National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers) – and IYF sought to tie classroom theory to industry practice. This helps students see the industry relevance of their learning, whilst also facilitating valuable industry connections.

While this model has worked well in the Eastern Cape through IYF, it has proved more difficult to implement in KwaZulu Natal, due to an aggressive economic downturn in KZN’s Automotive Cluster following civil unrest and environmental disasters. IYF funded TechnoTrain (located in Pinetown, Durban) for ten-day WIL trainings for Elangeni TVET College’s N6 Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Graduates.

The partnership with TechnoTrain facilitated simulated work training for key factory-floor skills. This included practical exposure to processes and toolsets for manufacturing on assembly lines. IYF will continue to work with TechnoTrain to facilitate more trainings for our additional TVET partner, Coastal KZN TVET College, lecturers, and students. In the last three months, one of Elangeni College’s High Gear students – Vukani Shezi – was awarded a learnership after completing his N6 Qualification for electrical engineering. Vukani had discussed his thoughts around personal employability with Angelina Govindsamy – High Gear’s Employer Partnerships Officer. This is what IYF has learnt:

High Gear expands Work-integrated Learning in Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Caption: N6 Electrical Engineering Student Vukani Shezi with TechnoTrain Certificate of Completion

Q: How did the High Gear training at TechnoTrain add to your employability?

VS: “High Gear helped me to better understand expectations in the workplace as well as the importance of handling tools and safety at the workplace properly.”

Q: What can High Gear do to help other N6 graduates?

VS: “Please continue to provide this opportunity to other N6 graduate – Most students have never been in a workshop or workplace.”

Q: How has your life improved since starting your learnership?

VS: “Since I started this learnership, I now see myself as a developing artisan. I have gained

confidence that one day I’ll be a qualified artisan, as I’m being exposed to the working environment and communicating with different people – TechnoTrain was good for this!”

Based on the positive responses and results from students,

IYF recognizes the need to expand WIL opportunities to secure further placements for TVET Lecturers & Students.