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HG Career Guidance Experience

The National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM) and High Gear have been working closely with User Experience (UX)  and digital development specialists, Loud Rabbits, to build and launch a career experience platform and an integrated set of printed TVET classroom materials to provide TVET college students with a better understanding of automotive components manufacturing  sector and its key career roles and pathways.

The online component of the platform will sit on NACAAM’s webpage to signal the strong industry endorsement of, and involvement in the platform. The platform will be designed specifically for TVET students, and include their inputs during the building phase, to ensure the platforms language and design encourages their engagement. To improve youth access to the system, the platform site will be zero-rated under the current Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) regulations.

Passport to Success

Passport to Success (PTS) fosters in-demand life skills by helping young people enroll for courses that allow them to think in a self confident manner, think responsibility, and have a problem-solving mentality, through in-person, online, and blended learning.

Visit the Passport To Success website to find out more.

Passport To Success – Traveller

The Passport to Success Traveler is a platform designed to help you build your self-confidence, time-management, and problem-solving abilities by providing free access to courses. The platform offers game-based work readiness skills training that takes you around the world, virtually, using your smartphone or tablet. IYF, in partnership with the PepsiCo Foundation developed this mobile-optimized course to support young people between the ages of 16 to 24 in developing work readiness skills, such as time management, problem solving, and self-confidence.

Visit the Passport to Success Traveler website to learn more about it.