Kerrin joined IYF as the Programme Manager, Risk and Planning, for the High Gear initiative
in South Africa late in 2020. Her role at IYF entails leading cross-donor project planning,
budget forecasting, and risk mitigation for the High Gear initiative, amongst other areas of
cross-donor implementation support.

Prior to joining IYF, she worked in the field of health
consulting with more than 10 years’ experience working with large-scale USAID and UKAID-funded initiatives in South Africa, including leading collaborations with key stakeholders and
clients both internationally and at the national, provincial and district levels within South
Africa’s public health sector.

Kerrin studied economics and health economics at the undergraduate and graduate levels,
and her Masters focused on identifying the impact of HIV/AIDS on adolescent decisionmaking, with a passion for youth development and economic development

• Languages: English
• Country of birth: South Africa
• Hobbies: Traveling, pilates, eating good food and wine