Life Orientation is a fundamentally essential subject in the shaping of young mind’s perspective of life socially and professionally. Therefore, the teaching and learning methods require specific attention in order to achieve the required results. At the end of this programme, lecturers of this subjects should possess the capacity to deliver a specific set of outcomes in their students.

After taking your class through the journey of learning Life Orientation, your students should be able to:

  • Strengthen personal competencies, such as communicaion, self-confidence, decision-making, conflict resolution, problem-solving and goal setting.
  • Learn about critical health issues that affect them within South Africa such as HIV and AIDS, TB, substanceabuse, stress management and depression.
  • Develop skills for successful employment, such as effective work habits, teamwork, ethical behaviour at work,job application, interview skills and cooperation.
  • Develop skills necessary for an entrepreneurial mindset to promote leadership, innovation and creativethinking both as employees and entrepreneurs.
  • Engage in planning and implementing community-based projects to address community problems e.g., theVolunteer Project.



Lesson Content