Lesson 1: Introduction to section two

The aim of the lesson plans is to help you, the Life Orientation lecturer teach this essential fundamental subject in an interactive way. This will ensure that students participate in the lessons and can practice, strengthen and use their Life Skills. Therefore, a participatory method of teaching is the most successful for Life Skills learning.

 An important aim is to help you to save time. We appreciate your heavy workload and want to help you. Hence the lesson plans are written in a step-by-step way with every activity described in detail. Everything you need to do to teach is given in your lesson plan and you don’t have to do any extra work as the lessons are part of your day-to-day teaching and have already been planned for you. They also contain ready-made Worksheets and additional information in the form of Lecturer’s Help. Therefore, for purposes of your Subject File, you can simply insert these lessons into the Lesson Plan section.

 We all need to work together to make sure students attend Life Orientation classes. If they feel that they will benefit as they find the lessons useful and engaging, they will definitely attend. By using these lesson plans, you will encourage students to come to class and gain the essential Life Skills they need for college, work, and overall success in life.