Lesson 2: Alignment with the PTS curriculum.

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Alignment with Passport to Success Curriculum These lesson plans were developed based on the internationally used, hugely successful ‘Passport to Success’ (PTS) Life Skills Programme developed by the International Youth Foundation (IYF). Therefore the Lesson Plans also mirror the PTS teaching content and methodology.

The PTS lessons were thus adapted to integrate fully with the NCV Levels 2, 3 and 4 Life Orientation Curriculum. To ensure alignment, the Topics, Subject Outcomes, Learning Outcomes and Lesson Topics are indicated for every lesson. It is important to note that the Life Orientation curriculum has not been changed, added to or adapted. The curriculum was used as is, and the lessons developed around the official Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) curriculum.

Note that we have not provided lesson plans for the whole curriculum. We did not want to take the fun of creating lessons away from you, so we left you with some lessons to develop. Try and use the same methodology given here to develop the rest of the lesson plans you will teach. A lesson plan template is provided towards the end of this guide. The following number of lessons are provided:

  • For Level 2, 25 lessons based on the Life Orientation curriculum.
  • For Level 3, 23 lessons based on the Life Orientation curriculum.
  •  For Level 4, 16 lessons based on the Life Orientation curriculum.