Lesson 3: The Lesson Plan Template

  • The first column of the lesson plan is a column for: Teaching activities: What will you, the lecturer do? These are step-by-step numbered actions that guide you.
  • The next column is: Questions you will ask. These are the questions you should ask the students in class.
  • The 3rd column is: Learning activities; what will your students do? This is a brief description of what the students will do.
  • The last column gives an indication of time needed for the activity.

Each lesson always has a key component of Group work and/or Skills practice. The lesson always ends with an opportunity for students to briefly reflect on the lesson.

 Lecturer’s reflection on current lesson: In this space you could write short notes on what went well in the lesson and what you may want to do differently next time.

 Sequencing and follow on: – the next lesson is suggested. You could also make a note if you still need to cover something on this topic after reflecting on it.