Lesson 5: Appreciation and Applause

You can ask the students to clap hands after each presentation or group feedback report. However, they do get tired of clapping hands. So be creative!

 Try these alternative quick applause ideas. Repeat each action rapidly a few times:

  • Ask the students to throw stars at the speaker by making their hands into a fist and then open their hands towards the speaker.
  • Get the students to make hearts shapes towards speaker.
  • Let the students click their fingers.
  • Get the students to stamp their feet.
  • Let the students raise their arms high and then lower their arms.
  • Let the students do a quick happy dance and twirl around.
  • Let the students do high-fives.
  • Get the students to do elbow movements – jiggle elbows.
  • Let the students make wow sounds and signs.
  • Ask the students to mime the Facebook ‘like’ sign.
  • Ask the students to create their own ways of applauding other than clapping!


Applaud in 3 different ways other than clapping.