Lesson 8: Managing Disagreements

For some lessons, you may be required to make posters or signs with the words: ‘Agree,’ ‘Disagree’, ‘Unsure.’ In some lessons you only have to make 2 posters or signs with the words: ‘Agree’ and ‘Disagree.’ You should make the posters in large letters so they are clearly visible.

Place the posters as far away from each other as possible. For example, the ‘Agree’ poster can be at the back of the classroom, and the ‘Disagree’ poster at the front of the classroom.

In some of the Lecturer’s Help there are statements to be read out to the students. Read them and then ask the students to stand near the ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’ sign. Then ask a few of them to give you reasons for their answers. Thereafter, you can read out the next statement. Students are again required to move next to the sign of their choice. Ask them again to provide reasons for their answers. Repeat the process for each statement.

It does not save much time to let the students remain seated while you read out the statements. It is much more powerful and interesting when they get up and move. If you wish, you can ask the students who do not agree or disagree, who are undecided, to stand in the middle. Ensure that they also give reasons for their stance.