Lesson 3: Instructional Learning and Strategies

Instructional Strategy Self-Assessment (ISSA)

  • This evaluation summarizes many of the effective classroom instructional strategies that will maximize learning and create a relationship-centered learning community.
  • It is always helpful to know how we make the classroom a place where people want to learn.  This self-assessment will help you see how well you use the strategies and what you could be doing to help your students get the most from your teaching.  It will also help you focus on what you want to learn.  We will cover many of these strategies and you will be able to identify which ones are most important to you and your subject matter.
  • Next to each strategy is a range of numbers.  Circle the level of competency you feel you have mastered regarding each strategy.

0  = Not doing it/Don’t know what it is

1  = Sometimes doing it

2  = Doing it

3  = Doing it often and appropriately

4 = Doing it consistently and is habit.