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Skills for Success creating opportunities for Youth

The International Youth Foundation funded by Google.org has implemented the “Skills for Success” programme in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Skills for Success (S4S) addresses IT and digital literacy skills by establishing digital economic pathways and equipping youth for success through labour market-driven curricula and programmes to address the IT and digital literacy skills gap, preparing young people with foundational skills for virtually any job and, in more specialised areas for jobs in the ICT sector.

IYF Skills For Success Graduates

Skills for Success

The Google Professional Certificate’s is uniquely positioned to address the IT and digital literacy skills gap. The programme is a multi-country program and works with youth between the ages of 18 to 30, predominantly young woman from under-represented or low-income communities in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria to provide them with the skills that are critical for success in an entry-level job in the ICT sector. The program provides integrated technical content and skills, socio-emotional and vocational skills as well as complementary work readiness skills that will make them more sought after in the current job market and secure future employability opportunities in entry-level positions for IT and roles in technical industries.

Our Partners

The International Youth Foundation is working closely with Department of Education and registered TVET Colleges in South Africa as well as ACWICT in Kenya and Paradigm Initiative in Nigeria to implement the programme for our youth and help influence workforce training systems that promote digital fluency in response to market needs. Upon completion of the programme, participants receive a Google Career Certificate in the Specialization they enrolled in as well as soft skills training. The programme will support learners during their transition from learning institutions into the workforce with career guidance and employability opportunities.

IYF Skills For Success Learners