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Skills For Success and Google

The International Youth Foundation funded by google.org has implemented the “Skills for Success programme in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Skills For Success programme aims to address the employability component identified by organisations – the programme will support learners during their transition from learning institutions into the workforce with career guidance and job placement.

June Chemau
June Chemau is an individual who has always been passionate about math and statistics and was referred to the ACWICT programme from a previous beneficiary. June enrolled in a three-month course in 2021 on data science through the platform. The data analysis and data visualization skills that she learnt from the course allowed her to find employment as a research assistant. The flexibility of the course and deadlines ensured that even individuals who are employed full-time can find the time to be part of the programme. The programme allows you to do the course via your mobile phone and used minimum data if you do not have access to a laptop or a Wi-Fi connection. Another benefit to June, was the fact that the course was fully paid for. This allowed her to have access to a course she would not have been able to afford. June enjoyed the detailed programme which allowed one to learn at their own pace and understanding. The programme was recommended to June by a beneficiary she knew, which allowed her to see first-hand the impact and power of the course.
Risper Onyango

Risper Achieng Onyango is a domestic worker who is now employed doing data entry and office administration for Packaging Industries. Risper always had a passion for information technology and was then referred to ACWICT by a friend. Once Risper saw the courses that were available, she was immediately interested in the IT support course.

Risper enjoyed the increasing he knowledge, which then allowed her to apply for a job she felt might be out of her reach and she got the job. She is a now IT assistant at Packaging Industries. The course allowed her career to take off. Risper is currently enrolled in the Google UX design course which deals with prototypes and creating applications. The programme has expanded her knowledge and changed her the course of her life.

Saratu Abdullahi

Saratu currently volunteers her time towards a local Non-Profit organisation and works as a freelance graphic designer and believes that the Google.Org UX design course was the best fit for her as an individual as she has a keen interest in graphics and technology. Saratu is also a creative person and found the UX design course to be a perfect fit for her. She currently helps the local organisation with producing videos and content for their social media to create awareness of the organisation.

As a side hustle, Saratu also helps create graphics and content for individuals on request. She recently got a job as a virtual assistant which was a direct result from her participation in the Skills 4 Success programme. As a person with a financial responsibility towards her family, Saratu needed a course that would her become more employable and able to find another source of income. After doing her research, Saratu found that the courses were more accessible than she thought.

Saratu knows that once she masters the skills learnt from the UX design course, she will be able to find more freelance job opportunities and find more full-time employment. Saratu firmly believes that the journey has been worth it and beneficial to her future. Saratu’s participation in the Skills 4 Success programme has given her practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to her everyday life. Saratu has learnt to apply the principles of the design process to life. One of the most important tools that she has gained from the course is the ability to work in a team and appreciate other individuals’ opinions and input.

She believes that collaboration is key to the success of any project. The other learning for Saratu has been the ability to take constructive criticism, which was difficult for her as a designer.

Sixelele Bala

Sixolile worked as an Admin Assistant at Master Grade IT and then applied for an Information and Communication Technology qualification where she realised she wanted to explore IT as a career and enrolled through funded programs for short courses at False Bay College. “The programme delivered by IYF provided content that complimented what I was studying and additionally I received training in life skills like problem solving and critical thinking that I will need to further my career”

I am very grateful to IYF for giving me the opportunity to realise my goal, and I am also proud of what I achieved as this will be building blocks for my future.” Her advice to young woman who want to enter the ICT industry is to take up their space and seek the opportunities such as the IYF program to further their skills and careers. They should not be afraid to enrol for skills development courses like the ones offered by IYF to develop their knowledge and skills.

Mohamed is a 26-year-old hearing impaired individual who has participated in the Google.Org and Skills 4 Success programme. The information technology course has empowered Mohamed to upskill himself and allowed him to become more employable in the current economic climate. Mohamed enjoys the fact that this course will allow him to help other individuals like him and hopes to educate others about information technology. The programme has allowed Mohamed to learn practical skills such as how to use the internet. Mohamed’s experience has been a positive and uplifting one and he hopes that other hearing-impaired individuals will have access to the Skills 4 Success programme in the future. The programme has been fun, exciting, and insightful for Mohamed. Mathematics has been something that Mohamed has struggled with in the past and the Skills 4 Success programme has allowed him to find joy in the subject. Mohamed firmly believes that the course will allow him to help others.
Lydia Edogiawerie, Nigeria

Lydia Edogiawerie is currently an intern at a school where she teaches young children about technology and design. Lydia has participated and successfully completed the UX design course through Google.Org in collaboration with International Youth Foundation and their Skills 4 Success programme. She believes that she has mastered many practical skills from the Skills 4 Success programme including the ability to see a task from beginning to end.

Lydia also learnt that if she puts her mind to something, she can achieve her goals which has resulted in a positive mindset. Studying online proved to Lydia that she can complete a course without distractions. Lydia also believed that completing an online course was too difficult as well as something out of reach and unattainable to her due to her circumstances, however the programme showed her that it was possible. The Skills 4 Success programme was the first online course that Lydia ever participated in Another practical skill that Lydia has gained from the Skills 4 Success programme is the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other individuals.

The UX design course has enhanced Lydia’s love for colour and design and has made her excited to teach the children at school about it. The Skills 4 Success programme has given Lydia the confidence and courage to start applying for jobs where she can grow her career as an individual. Lydia is now also interested in participating in more courses that can help her become more employable in the current economy. The Google.org and Skills 4 Success programme has grown Lydia’s love for online learning and her passion for enhancing her knowledge.

Kelsey Oosthuizen
Kelsey Oosthuizen was overjoyed to complete her Skills for Success course with International Youth Foundation and Google.org. Kelsey believes now that she completed the course, job opportunities will be more available to her. Along with her understanding of the technicalities of the course, she also has learnt important life skills. Kelsey, who is usually a shy individual, has benefited exponentially from the course as it has allowed her to be more open to life experiences. The programme has also equipped Kelsey with skills for her interviews and has prepared her for the world out there. Kelsey also really enjoyed the fact that the programme was user friendly. The programme has also given Kelsey the confidence as a female to take on a male dominated industry.
Christopher Groenewald

Christopher Groenewald believes that the training he has received from International Youth Foundation and Google.org is important because it has allowed him to improve the skills he already possesses. He participated in a course that educated him in the technical implementations within an organisation and the Google certificate has given him the confidence to advance himself at his current job.

Christopher believes he is extremely fortunate to have been a benefactor of the programme as it will equip him with the skills required to be employed in the technological age. Christopher thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the programme was informative and conveniently available to him via his mobile. Since being a part of this programme, Christopher’s interest in information technology has grown and he believes that he would like to be a part of this sector.

The Skills for Success programme has allowed Christopher to prepare himself for future employment. The Skills for Success programme has also allowed Christopher to develop better coping mechanisms for the work-related issues and has increased his value in life as an individual.