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It has been a great pleasure to have this opportunity. Which does not only empower me for my own benefit, but it’ll also create a significant impact on the company that will hire once I’ve completed it. I am enjoying it so much. As it is also boosting myself confidence as you get the opportunity to hear from international IT expects and interact with other people from all walks of life.

It has taught me to be more patient and not to undermine your mental capacity through its challenging quizzes after every module. Looking forward to expanding my horizons after this project.

My deepest gratitude goes to the College of Cape Town for this opportunity.

It has been a truly invaluable experience for me. It was interesting, challenging and rewarding.  It helped me to understand where my strength and weakness was.  I was also very impressed with the Coursera help centre services.

Their turnaround was quick and to the point with excellent problem-solving skills. My dream is to become a Cyber Security Analyst, with that in mind I plan to further my knowledge of IT as well as gain experience in the field as much as I can.

A lot of the subject matter relates directly to my area of life, so it’s helping me to understand it a lot more.  I enjoy working in my own time and being able to take my time. Therefore, I have really improved my knowledge in this field.

I enrolled for Google IT Support program It has been both  challenging and informative, the journey allowed me to learn about new things, such as the history of computing and how the idea came about, what it was intended for, and how it has evolved over the years.

I also enjoyed learning about current computers, the hardware, components and how they speak to each other.  Being trained on networking and how to connect with other computers around the world and its protocol was very useful.  I also learned about software, how to interact with them and how to install programs on both windows and Linux.  Learning about different operating systems and how to install them was very fascinating to me, and I am still interested to learn more in this course up to a point where I will also learn about developing software.

I would like to thank Google for offering such a diverse course on I.T. During the time I spent on the course the most positive aspect about this course is the fact that I can study from the comfort of my own home especially during this time of the pandemic. I’ve learnt so much more about computers than I could ever dream of.

The most interesting aspects thus far is the diverse amount of knowledge behind routing. Another aspect I enjoy is the practical tasks we get to do, Linux is the only operating system that I did not know extensively, I was able to learn the basics and more.  It was truly an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to get out there in the I.T. world and start my journey as a technician. It has been my dream since I was 12 years old to fully understand the ins and outs of computers.  Google has helped me, and I am truly grateful.

IYF Scholarship is a fantastic program for all students, especially for those who are fascinated by technology.  As we know when the pandemic came it made most activities difficult and we had to do most daily tasks virtually. 

This program assists us in knowing more about networks and computers isn’t that great …?

Google made our impossible future possible by allowing us to learn lots of new and interesting things.  This will help us to erase unemployment.  I would recommend this program to others and would also love Google to give us updates or to have a way to upgrade our knowledge because technology changes every day.  Thank you Google ♥️

It has been a great, exciting honor learning and working experience completing the Google IT Support Certificate. With the help of IYF I was placed on the Google IT Specialized Certificate, and I must say it was really a great pleasure to participate in this program. The Google IT Support Certificate content taught me many different things in the field of Information Technology, coupled with the work experience I attained, I feel more employable than ever.  As a result, I am getting a Stipend of R3500-00 a month, which I have been using to further my studies and get myself to class. This program was the best option because it helps you to develop your skills, develops you inner future entrepreneur and also teaches you confidence. I also learnt a lot being in a workplace, I have become an implementor of problem-solving skills. To anyone looking to complete the Google IT Support Certificate, I would like to say “Yes” grab the opportunity and allow it to change your life, the same way it has changed mine.

Thank you for all that Google has done for me, through IYF I was able to join the Google IT Support program.  The program was a full package, inclusive of soft skills training and opportunities for work placement.  The Google implementation team kept contact with me throughout the training process, I would not have gained all the knowledge shared in the course if it had not been for Google and IYF.

 I’m very grateful as this was a complicated and challenging Course, achieving this was personal for me.   I truly never thought I would get an opportunity from Google to increase my IT knowledge. This opportunity allowed me to take the next step in finding a suitable career.  I would advise anyone that is interested in gaining knowledge in the IT Field to do the Google IT Support Course, the content will assist you to achieve the results you want.