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High Gear SETA Best Practice Guides

High Gear aims to work with Industry to assist with providing guidance on gaining access to SETA funding and supporting their more efficient and impactful use of SETA funds, including to support their transformation and localisation objectives, and to expand industry and technical vocational education and training (TVET) college partnerships.

High Gear GESI Research Report

The research is intended to contribute to the learning around how to speed up the achievement of gender equity in the South African automotive component manufacturing sector. It focuses on the experiences of young women who are pursuing their studies and careers in engineering as well as the experiences of employers who are actively supporting and advocating for the increased participation of women in engineering occupations in the automotive component manufacturing sector.

These stories aim to inspire young women students, young women already working in the engineering profession, and further employer interest in gender equity initiatives. They also provide insights into what it takes to successfully undertake this journey as a young woman and how workplaces can best create an enabling environment for women to thrive in their companies and in the industry more widely.

Industry Guest Lecturer Sessions

A cross section of Industry representatives from various departments within company operations i.e HR, Learning & Development/ Training Specialists, Apprentices, Females who have progressed within the organisation in their careers, Production Supervisors /Managers were invited to our partner TVET Colleges to talk to students on various life and soft skills topics eg. job roles and expectations, how to apply for a job and succeed in interviews, career pathing, industry trends, gender and diversity in the workplace, woman leaders, professional ethics to name a few.

CV & LinkedIn Workshops

The purpose of these workshops was to equip TVET Graduates with the necessary tools and resources to assist them when applying for career opportunities.

CV Optimization Workshops – provided guidance and support for the enhancement and/or development of student CV’s to improve employment opportunities and covered topics like: Why your brand matters when presenting your cv, Dos and Don’ts, importance of cover letters, practical walk through of online job spec, examples of cvs, why AI can impact your job application process and much more.

LinkedIn Profile Workshops – Provided guidance and support on how to create and/or enhance LinkedIn profiles to connect with networks to help students become more productive and successful. Workshop covered topics like What is LinkedIn and why is it important today, benefits and how it can support your job search now and in the future, walk through profile sections to illustrate what makes a good linkedin profile and much more.

Digital Literacy

High Gear together with Partner Harambee provided digital literacy to graduate TVET students who were looking for workplace opportunities. This training was to ensure students were able to type, use an email correctly and how to use microsoft word to ensure a young person is able to type a professional cv and apply for job and further learning opportunities online.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Industry Partner Employers provided TVET Lecturers and students with various work based exposure and experience to improve understanding of industry tasks, job skills, technology, systems and processes and to learn about industry and build basic competence through application of knowledge and skills.